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Confession of Murder Live Action The Movie (第22年告白:我是殺人犯真人劇場版) DVD

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In 1995, 5 serial murder cases took place. Wataru Makimura (Hideaki Ito) took charge of the murder cases and tried to catch the serial killer. Due to the killer's trap, Wataru Makimura's superior was killed. The serial murder case has been unsolved to this date.
22 years later, a murder memoir "Watashi ga Satsujinhan desu” ("I am a Murderer") is published. The author describes himself as the killer responsible for the 5 unsolved serial murder cases. The author, Masato Sonezaki (Tatsuya Fujiwara), has an attractive appearance and appears at a press conference for his newly published book.


Pada tahun 1995, 5 buah kes pembunuhan siri berlaku. Wataru Makimura bertugas untuk kes pembunuhan ini dan cuba memberkas pembunuh siri. Disebab oleh perangkap pembunuh, orang atasan Wataru Makimura terbunuh. Kes pembunuhan siri ini kekal tidak dapat diselesai sehingga sekarang.
22 tahun kemudian, sebuah memoir pembunuh “Saya Ialah Pembunuh” diterbit. Pengarang mengakui diri ialah pembunuh bagi 5 buah kes pembunuh siri tersebut. Pengarang, Masato Sonezaki, mempunyai penampilan menawan dan hadir persidangan akhbar untuk bukunya yang baru diterbit.


Hikaru was dragged into the battle again after recruited into UPG (Ultra Party Guardians), an attack team formed by the International Defense Forces after various paranormal incidents. He reunites with Ultraman Ginga and join forces with Show to take down Exceller and his minions. Ultraman Taro returns as well, having sensed the new threat and supports Ginga through the Strium Brace (ストリウムブレス Sutoriumu Buresu), which allows him to become Ultraman Ginga Strium (ウルトラマンギンガストリウム Urutoraman Ginga Sutoriumu) with the power of the 6 Ultra Brothers.

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