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Detective Conan Movie Collection Complete Box Set (名侦探柯南完整剧场版) Anime DVD

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Movie 1-The Time Bombed Skyscrapper. Movie 2-Fourteenth Target. Movie 3-Wizard Of The Last Century. Movie 4-Captured In Her Eyes. Movie 5-Countdown To Heaven. Movie 6-Baker Street. Movie 7-Cross Road. Movie 8-Magician Of The Silver Sky. Movie 9-Strategy Above The Depth. Movie 10-The Private Eye's Requiem. Movie 11-Jolly Roger In The Deep Azure. Movie 12-Full Score Of Fear. Movie 13-The Raven Chaser. Movie 14-The Lost Ship In The Sky. Movie 15-Quarter Of Silence. Movie 16-The Eleventh Striker.  Movie 17-Private Eye In The Distant Sea. Movie 18-Dimensional Sniper. Movie 19-Sunflowers Of Inferno. Movie 20-The Darkest Nightmare. Movie 21-The Crimson Love Letter. Movie 22-Lupin The 3rd VS Detective Conan The Movie. Movie 23-Lupin The 3rd VS Detective Conan The Movie 2. Special 24-Lupin The 3rd VS Detective Conan.


1 引爆摩天楼 2 第十四号猎物 3 世纪末之魔术师 4 瞳孔中的暗杀者 5 天国的倒数计时 6 贝克街的亡灵 7 迷宫的十字路 8 银翼奇术师 9 水平线上的阴谋 10 侦探们的镇魂歌 11 绀碧之棺 12 战栗的乐谱 13 漆黑的追踪者 14 天空的遇难船 15 沉默的15分钟 16 第11位前锋 17 绝海盗侦探 18 翼次元的阻击手 19 业火的向日葵 20 名侦探柯南:纯黑噩梦 21 名侦探柯南:唐红的22 鲁邦三世vs名侦探柯南剧场版 23 鲁邦三世vs名侦探柯南剧场版 Special 鲁邦三世vs名侦探柯南

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QTY Disc: 6 DVD9 + 2DVD
Version: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese / English / Malay
Copyright: VBG Network Sdn. Bhd

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