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Robot Spirits -SIDE AS- Plan 1055 Belial

RM 175.00


Size: Approx. H140mm
Material: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Optional hand part x left, right 3 types each
-Aizaian bone bow


- Boss of Furumeta strongest, [Plan1055 Belial] is commercialized at last!
- Popular light novel [Full Metal Panic! Than], nemesis of the hero [Plan1055 Belial]
Finally here!
- Strict supervision of designer Kanetake Mr. Ebi, it is the definitive edition by the commercialization of the first-ever.
- Is a weapon of the largest [Aizaian Bone Bow], can be deployed expansion and contraction as configured.
- 40mm cannon of both arms, reproduced by replacement.
- Soul STAGE Act.5 comes with, reproducible freely dogfight play medium quality.

- Set contents: The main body, each of the three species replacement left and right wrist, Aizaian Bone Bow, dedicated pedestal

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