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S.I.C. - Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed

RM 375.00


Original from Japan
Size: Approx 195mm


- Tire Kou Khan !! SIC Masked Rider drive series start-up!
- SIC Masked Rider drive series start-up.
- Shaped arrangement, the maker also design of [Roimyudo], Mr. Takayuki Takeya.
- Mr. design arrange Takayuki Takeya, welcomed Mr. Junichi Taniguchi prototype production, is born more Kamen Rider drive the mechanical detail is emphasized.
- It can be fitted with a flare parts to the whole body in a tire Kou Khan. It can be reproduced in the parts replacement.
- By Takeya's part arrangement, it can produce a dynamic Kamen Rider drive type speed flare wear the flame to the whole body.
- It comes with a handle sword-door gun movable. Course can be loaded the Shifutoka attached.
- The set includes: body, exchange wrist left and right each of the three types, handle sword, door gun, flare parts set, Shifutoka 10 species

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